Bollywood drama film 1971 year shot Prem Kapoor and adapted from the eponymous novel Hindi novelist Kamleshvara . Starring Nitin Sethi, Amar Kakkad and Nandita Thakur, is often referred to as India’s first gay film . The film was thought to have been lost 40 years ago, but a print was found in 2019. CONTENT one plot 2 Cast 3 Production four songs five Release and reception 6 Reissue and lost film status 7 links eight External links plot Badnam Basti , set in Mainpuri , Uttar Pradesh, tells the story of Sarnam Singh, a bus driver who is also a mobster . Sarnam saves Bansuri from being raped by another bandit. Bansuri falls in love with him, but he is thrown into prison for a petty crime. After being released, Sarnam searches for Bansuri, but does not find her. He then meets Shivraj, who works in the temple, and hires him as a bus cleaner. These two become close physically and emotionally.

Sarnam meets Bansuri again

Who now lives with Sarnam’s friend, Rangile, who won her at an auction in the village chalk… Bansuri wishes to return to Sarnam, but he is torn by longing for Bansuri and his love for Shivraj. However, Shivraj marries Kamala. Rangile, who is a police informant, has been convicted and jailed for legal duplicity. At the end of the film, Sarnam takes Bansuri and her newborn to his home. SPONSORED CONTENT This Diet Remains One Of The Worst But Women Still Follow It Herbeauty Examine The Net Worth Of The Richest Women In The World Herbeauty The Lingerie Giant Making A Concerted Effort To Be More Inclusive Herbeauty 10 Instagram Girls Women Obsess Over Herbeauty 12 Stunning Actresses You Didn’t Know Are Incredibly Tall Herbeauty 10 Best Feminist Books To Empower And Educate Herbeauty This Is What Happens To Your Face After Dermaplaning Herbeauty 10 Things That Attract Guys More Than Good Looks Herbeauty 9 Unexpected Physical Traits Men Secretly Look For In Women Herbeauty 9 Of The Best Metabolism-Boosting Foods For Weight Loss Herbeauty Throw Nitin Sethi as Sarnam Singh Nandita Thakur as Bansuri Amar Kakkad as Shivraj Nandlal Sharma Production The film is based on Ek Sadak Sattavan Galiyan ( 57 Lane Street ), the debut novel by Hindi writer Kamleshwar Prasad Saxena, originally titled Badnam Basti and published in the Hans Hindi magazine in 1956 and published as a novel in 1957. Badnam Basti was produced by Film Finance Corporation with a budget of £ 250,000 . It was filmed in four weeks in Mainpuri.

The topic of homosexual interest

Between the two male characters sparked controversy about Kamaleshwar’s romance; Prem Kapoor had to cut scenes from the novel and make their relationship only suggestive in order to get permission from the film censorship board . Although considered the first gay film in India , Badnam Basti does not explicitly portray or identify male characters as gay.They are bisexual rather than gay, and their relationship is secondary to their heterosexual relationship. Green Veggie Deadly For Blood Sugar Diabetes Freedom 5 Countries That Still Call Themselves Communist Brainberries 10 Asian Beauties That Will Take Your Breath Away Brainberries Examine The Net Worth Of The Richest Women In The World Herbeauty Songs The music for Badnam Basti was composed by Vijaya Raghava Rao and Ustad Gulam Mustafa Khan . Han, who previously worked with Rao at Bhuvan Shome , sang “Sajna Kaahe Nahi Aaye” for the film. The lyrics were written by Virendra Misra and Harivansh Rai Bachchan ; Bachchan reads the poem “Mele Mine Hoi Gujaria” in the film. Rao and Satish Bhutani also sang in the film . The sound recording was made by Narinder Singh . Below is a list of songs in Badnam Basti : Not. Heading Singer Length one. “Sajna Kahe Nahi Aaye” Ghulam Mustafa Khan   2. “Akela Taaron Bhari Mela” Satish Bhutani   3. “Godania Goodway Le” Vijay Raghav Rao   four. “Mele Me Khoyi Gujariya” Harivansh Rai Bachchan   five. “Song Lo Katha Sita Ki” Vijay Raghav Rao   Release and reception The film was released with the “A” certificate of the Central Film Certification Board . It received mixed reviews.

The Times of India called

It “a welcome step forward towards a ‘new cinema’ in India.” The Economic Times noted that ” Badnam Basti presents a true picture of reality.” However, in a review by the Indian magazine Link it is written: “No film – its technical gimmicks do not match the tasteless director’s intention at all.” Rajika Kirpalani wrote in his book “In another time, in another place” : “A little more interesting than a roast, which is usually accepted in films “and that he” only maintains his interest because of Nitin Sethi, who really gives his character a cheerfulness, masculinity, countryside. inspiration. “Sethi received praise from The Illustrated Weekly of India , which noted that” Prem Kapoor’s splendid design of Sarnam’s loneliness. It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Nitin Sethi in this role. ” Reissue and lost film status Originally edited by Hrishikesh Mukherjee , the film did not have a large box office . It was edited by Kapoor and reissued in 1978 with a “U” certification, but again failed commercially. The film was subsequently thought to have been lost as there were no prints in India , but it reappeared in 2019 when the print was discovered in the archives of the Arsenal Film and Video Institute in Berlin . It has since been digitized and shown by the Blok Art Museum in May 2020 and at the Kashish Film Festival in Mumbai. Interestingly, the director of the National Film Archives of India, Prakash Magdum, said that three years ago the film lab passed on Badnam Basti negative to them. “However, we need to find out his condition,” he told TOI by telephone in 2020 (9). –

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