Sometimes situations arise when a person’s cute friends can pose a serious danger: for example, during the mating season, they gather in packs (the so-called “dog weddings”) or the dog was unlucky with the owner, and from a cheerful friendly puppy he raised an insecure, unloved, and therefore the beast embittered by the whole world. At the same time, no matter how much a person imagines about himself, we are powerless in front of an angry animal, no matter how large it is. We do not have claws and teeth to give a worthy rebuff, but we have a mind that made it possible to invent protective technical means. And one of them is electronic dog repellents, which are safe for both humans and four-legged aggressors.

Today they are of three types: electric, ultrasonic and aerosol. Which one to choose? “Komsomolskaya Pravda” has compiled a rating of the best dog repeller-2021.

Top 10 rating according to KP

  1. “Tornado-112”

Ultrasonic repeller with flashlight. A small device that fits even in the smallest handbag, it emits sound signals in the ultrasonic range. They are not audible to humans, but the subtle ear of the dog will not only catch them, but also force them to give up, because the shrill sound made by Tornado-112 is too unpleasant for them. At the same time, the device does not harm the dog’s health, because it operates in the frequency range from 16 to 25 kHz, which is not fatal for animals, but causes them a state of fear and panic.

The device operates on batteries, therefore does not depend on external power supply, and is equipped with a flashlight, which makes it an indispensable companion for those who have to walk the streets after dark, and in addition, a bright flash of light can also drive away an aggressive animal. However, it should be understood that if you suddenly come across a deaf dog, the device will not have any effect on it. It also does not work through walls.

Advantages: compact, lightweight, portable, safe for humans and animals, there is a flashlight, low price.

Disadvantages: does not work on deaf dogs, limited range.

  1. “Dog No. Flash Plus “

This device is also an ultrasonic dog repeller and is perhaps the most powerful among similar devices (120 decibels). Therefore, “Dog No. Flash Plus ”is the best choice for those who, for example, have to visit any territory guarded by large aggressive dogs. At the same time, the human ear does not pick up the sound waves emitted by the device, which makes it absolutely safe even for children.

In handling the device, there are a number of rules that you need to know. Firstly, the sound travels in a directional way, so there is a “blind” zone behind. So it is always worth making sure that the repeller is aimed at the dog. Secondly. You should not turn on the device in your pocket – even a thin cloth of clothing will muffle sound waves. And the desired effect may not work. And thirdly, use the device only in case of real danger and in no case exercise on your dog – this way you can permanently lose her love and trust.


Advantages: compact (weight about 200 g), economical (runs on the cheapest batteries for several months), safe for both people and dogs.


Disadvantages: there are blind spots.

  1. Sititek Thunder-250M

This small box will become a real salvation for people who cannot imagine their life without traveling. Two built-in speakers emit a variety of ultrasounds that will scare off the largest and most aggressive dog.  Because for her hearing it is like a train suddenly humming next to us. A powerful flashlight will create an additional irritant..That will make even an angry wolfhound run away, tail between his legs.But the useful functions of “Thunder” are not limited to this, because it also knows how to call for help if its owner is in trouble. As well as to protect personal belongings while traveling. To do this, you need to connect a special cable to the device. And twist it with the handle of the bag. If someone in your absence tries to encroach on things. The device will emit an alarm signal, which this time will scare off the already two-legged aggressor.


Advantages: portable, two speakers, there is a flashlight, it works in the mode of protection of things, there is an alarm siren, it functions both in extreme heat and in cold weather.


Disadvantages: Does not work through solid barriers.

  1. “Wasp”

The wasp ultrasound repeller looks very much like an ordinary flashlight, so it will not attract attention. It generates a sound wave of 110 decibels, which will not let the dog get closer than 50 m. So that the device is suitable even for those who are afraid of one kind of four-legged human friends. In order for the “Wasp” to act as efficiently as possible. it is necessary not to keep it constantly in the on mode. but to act on the source of danger with impulses lasting a few seconds. this will not allow the dog to get used to the sound and consider it harmless. The repeller works from a powerful battery, so the charge will last for a very long time.

Advantages: powerful, portable, long range.

Disadvantages: has the size and shape of a medium-sized flashlight, so it won’t fit into a pocket or purse.


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