Best Spotify Tips And Tricks You Should Know

Best Spotify Tips And Tricks You Should Know

Are you been using Spottily for a long time? If yes, we can bet that you may not be acquainted with tips & tricks which we’re going to highlight in this article. Spotify is a unique platform which comes with different features that can blow your mind. It is an incredible platform when it comes to listen to good music on a great platform. With more than millions of downloads solely on Google play store, you may ruminate how useful & unique this platform is considered by the users. 

Let’s see some tips & tricks which you might use for a better music experience. In this article, we’ll not only discuss the tips & tricks, but we’ll also highlight how you may become a successful musician on Spotify if you tend to do so. 

Create Folders For Your Playlist 

If you’re great at uploading playlists, you may have multiple playlists on your Spotify profile. It becomes hard to customize the playlist. Further, it becomes arduous to comprehend the best playlist as per the theme. Hence, we advise you to create a folder for your playlist. Spotify allows you to create as many folders as you wish to create for your playlist. You may name the folder according to the theme of your playlist. 

Let’s discuss how you can do this.

So in order to create a playlist, all you’re required to do is to click on the file and create the folder for your playlist. Another way to do this is to use a shortcut key. Shift+Command+N is meant to be used by the user to create a folder. You may further delete or rename the folder you have created. 

Keep Data Save Mode On While Using Mobile Internet

If you’re always surrounded by Wi-Fi, you don’t need to worry about save mode at all. However, people generally use Spotify while traveling. Hence, you can’t have access to Wi-Fi in this scenario. Therefore, we would advise you to turn your data saver on from your mobile data. It will help you save your data & enable you to listen to more songs while traveling. Although the quality of songs would be reduced, it is a good solution to avoid the issue of data consumption. Notwithstanding anything, you may also consider downloading the songs to listen offline when you’ve consumed all of your mobile data. 

Spotify Alarm

With unlimited songs & podcasts, Spotify also offers you Spotify alarm. You may as per your choice set Spotify playlist as your alarm. In order to do so, you may go to the Google Clock and tap on the alarm sound. Afterwards, you may consider integrating songs with your spotify account. Now, your playlist is ready. You may choose any playlist as your morning alarm. Spotify alarm is one of the best & unique features which is hardly available in other music platforms. 

Share Your Music On Other Social Media Platforms. 

In order to become a successful musician on spotify, you need a high reach on this platform. More importantly, sharing your music with other social media platforms is a nice move to get reach to your target audience. Therefore, you may share your music on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms which you deem fit. Further, you may also share it on music blogs. You may find various writers who write music blog. They seek musicians to help them in writing. Hence, you may reach out to them and promote your music in their blog. 

Buy Spotify Plays

There’re various methods available to get more Spotify plays on your music. Nonetheless, buying Spotify plays is one of the best among all. You may consider buying Spotify plays from Famups is an incredible source to Buy Spotify Plays & other social media services. It offers you the best deal at a nominal price. Hence,  Famous is the Best Site To Buy Spotify Plays. 

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