The best preschools and international schools in Singapore

The best preschools and international schools in Singapore

Singapore is a city state like no other boasting one of the highest standards of living in the world. What is truly amazing about that is the fact the country boasts of no great natural advantages, save the industrious and innovative nature of its people. Singapore is a magnet for people around the world who come there to make a living and take advantage of the extremely high standards of living that the country boasts. The fact that there is a very large number of international schools and the best preschools in Singapore make it particularly attractive for expats with families including children.

The best preschools and international schools in Singapore

  1. Global Indian International School

This is an Indian international school par excellence and one of the most popular ones amongst expats, especially Indian ones. It is part of the globally renowned IGCSE group of schools and boasts a world class campus replete with facilities and some of the best teachers anywhere.

The school offers world class education to students from pre nursery level to the high schools level. It offers its children leading curricula like Global Montessori Plus, CBSE. International Baccalaureate Primary Years, International Baccalaureate Diploma, Cambridge CLSP and  Cambridge IGCSE. What is wonderful about the school. Is the fact that it accords equal importance to academics and extracurricular activities helping students develop in a holistic manner. The fact that the students of the school regularly make it to some of the best colleges and universities in the world is testament to its success.

  1.         Little Atlas Preschool

Little Atlas Preschool is one of the best preschools in Singapore.  Their play-immersive curriculum follows the “true Play” philosophy which has won them the Best in Innovative Curriculum award. Their curriculum team is known to carry out early childhood research. As well as teacher mentorship to keep abreast with. The latest goings on in the education field.

A preschool is a little child’s very first introduction to the formal world of education. And the fact that they also get to move out of the protective. Shadow of their parents for. The first time makes it imperative that they join the right one. That is where Little Atlas Preschool wins hands down as it is clearly one of the best ones in Singapore. The school spans a sprawling 10000 square feet of space, with special emphasis being laid on safety and well being of the children.

  1.         Nexus International School

Nexus International School Singapore provides a world class education to students from early childhood right up to the high school level. This school provides the very best education at the early years, primary years and secondary level culminating in the much coveted International Baccalaureate Diploma. Everything about the school from its campus, faculty and ethos is world class. The school truly believes in a holistic education and this reflects in the way its children become well rounded individuals. This is the kind of school that makes a true international citizen out of its students.

  1.         Australian International School

This is one of the best known international schools in Singapore. With a world class ambiance thanks to its great campus and stellar teaching staff. The school is very popular among the expat Australians as it offers the Australian curriculum. Like schools back in Australia it offers its students the opportunity to pursue a variety of sports like rugby. Soccer, basketball and swimming. Not only does the school make its students adept at academics. It makes great sports people out of them as well. This is the kind of school that develops its students’ character in the best possible way. Completing one’s schooling there is usually a life altering experience.


What is great about Singapore is the fact that it pursues absolute excellence in everything it undertakes. That is the principal reason. It is one of the most respected and admired nations in the world. This is something that is particularly true of its school as well. Most Singapore school-local and international-compare with the best anywhere in terms of infrastructure, teachers and curricula. Receiving an education there prepares one to excel at whatever one undertakes in life.

It is not surprising that expats from all over the world living in. Singapore are happy to send their children to school there. They know that they will receive nothing but some of the best education in the world. Preparing them for a life of success and achievement ahead. Besides, Singapore International Schools are known for their sense of discipline, duty and decorum which shapes the character of its students in the best possible manner. This is a far cry from the lax discipline and a lack of safety that prevails in schools in many western countries. It’s great to send one’s children to school in Singapore.

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