Travel insurance will save you from unforeseen expenses in case of accidents and troubles, ensuring a worry-free vacation or a pleasant business trip.

Health insurance covers the cost of illness or accident, from the cost of medication to the cost of returning home.

In addition, you can select insurance coverage against accidents such as flight cancellation or delay, loss / damage to baggage or travel disruption due to natural disaster / terrorist attack / riot.

Travel is safer with COVID-19 protection!

Why Salva?       

A wide range of policy processing channels . The policy can be issued at representative offices all over Estonia or at the  Salvage-bureau . It is 10% cheaper to issue a policy via the Internet .

Large-scale medical insurance. The insurance covers the costs of an ambulance, hospital and medical expenses, the cost of medicines, the patient’s return home, as well as the travel and accommodation costs of the person accompanying the insured patient. In addition, expenses caused by natural disasters, terrorism and riots are covered.

Covid-19 health insurance. We cover treatment costs (diagnostics, medications, hospital treatment) related to COVID-19 (including COVID-19 mutations and variations) up to € 200,000, additional living expenses in case of quarantine, and , if necessary, new home tickets up to 2000 euros.

The amount of health insurance is 1,000,000 euros. In the health insurance policy, you can choose an amount of up to 1,000,000 euros to reimburse expenses in connection with an illness or an accident. The selected amount is valid for one insured person. In case of illness or accident, you can contact a suitable medical institution, we also accept private clinics.

Flexible travel interruption insurance conditions

 Salva will indemnify for additional damages caused by cancellation and interruption of the trip, as well as delayed transit flight. The point of departure does not have to be in Estonia. It is possible to conclude an insurance contract only for the dates of the flight

Travel interruption insurance covers illness with the Covid-19 virus. Salva will indemnify the cost of the unused travel package if the insured person was diagnosed with the virus before traveling to Estonia and therefore travel is contraindicated.

The first COVID-19 illness before the start of the trip is an insured event and we will cover the expenses related to the cancellation of the trip.

For those who have had COVID-19, Salva Kindlustus offers protection against trip cancellation due to COVID-19 if the result of a laboratory PCR test for COVID-19, submitted before the conclusion of the policy or no later than 7 days before the start of the trip, is negative.

Testing for coronavirus -20%

Each Salva travel insurance policy holder will be able to take two coronavirus tests at a 20% discount off the standard cost (both rapid tests and laboratory nasopharyngeal samples). Discount codes are generated for insurance policies and discount testing is offered by Confido medical centers.

A wide range of insurance coverage services against additional risks. Depending on your destination and the nature of your trip, you can choose to be protected against the following risks:

  • Damage caused by a strike, illiquidity or bankruptcy of a transport company;
  • Have choros caused by natural disasters (such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, floods, etc.), terrorism and riots. 

Travel interruption insurance can be supplemented with protection against natural disasters, terrorism and riots. Insurance protection against the consequences of a terrorist act applies to damage caused as a result of a violent act committed for political, religious or ideological reasons, subject to the restrictions established in the insurance contract.  The insurance indemnity is subject to insured events that occurred during the trip or within 48 hours before the start of the trip at a transit point or at the point of destination of the insured person. The price can be calculated by the  

Luggage insurance in case of loss of belongings and in case of damage to the suitcase. Salva will reimburse the costs incurred by the customer in the event of theft, damage or delay of baggage.

Annual travel insurance with a usage time of 120 days. For clients who make frequent trips. And Salva offers to issue a policy at a reduced price for an insurance period of 120 days.

Deductible 0 euros

In the event of an insured event under travel insurance, deductible is not applied. An exception is travel liability insurance, in which case the sole liability specified in the policy applies.

Third party liability insurance for damage caused during the trip. If the client has taken out insurance for an additional risk of civil liability, and during the trip, damage was caused to third parties, for example, damage to hotel property, then Salva compensates for the damage in the amount of the insured amount. The deductible for civil liability insurance is 100 euros. The insurance terms and conditions can be found .

Reimbursement of expenses in connection with damage or destruction of the rented car. If the client takes out liability insurance for the use of the rented car. And salva will reimburse the costs in the event of damage to the rented car. As a result of an accident, natural disaster, As well as in the event of theft.


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